Notices for Purchasing Transparent Door Curtain
美丽遮阳的门帘是家居装饰不可或缺的部分,不仅仅可以遮阳,还能梅花环境。但是它们的缺点你们知道吗?新门帘大都含有甲醛,这是危害人体健康的一大污染 源,还有可能引发哮喘、白血病等。   加工工艺导致新门帘多半含甲醛   市民杨女士搬入新家后,7个月大的儿子就咳嗽不止。经过检测,罪魁祸首竟是家中新买的门帘,其甲醛含量严重超标。   门帘怎么会有含甲醛呢?长期从事门帘批发的赵先生告诉记者,只要通过印染,不管是棉质、丝绸还是纤维材质的门帘布,都会含有甲醛。因为门帘这类产品, 生产厂家除了添加各种染料、人造树脂等常用助剂外,还会添加甲醛,以强化其柔软度或硬挺度,改善和提高其防皱、防缩、阻燃、防水等性能。   这些残留在门帘布上的甲醛,在温度、湿度适宜的条件下会释放出来,飘浮在室内,悄无声息地损害人们的健康。   多层门帘污染大 浅色、简单门帘更环保   上周,记者走访纺织品大世界和黄河路上的一些门帘店时发现,人们挑选门帘时多看重花色、款式,对门帘成分等则不太在意。对此,中国室内装饰协会室内环 境监测中心专家提醒,购门帘时应注意以下三点:   1.闻异味。如果门帘布散发出刺激的异味,可能提示甲醛残留较多,最好不要购买。   2.挑花色。挑门帘时,宜选购浅色的,这样甲醛超标的风险会小一些。   3.看品种。在选购有防缩、抗皱性能等的门帘时要谨慎,要注意面料标签是否标示了甲醛含量,如果没标或含量超标,则不宜购买。   现在,家用门帘通常有三层,外层是纱质的,用来遮挡视线、保护隐私;中间一层是深色、化纤材料的,用来遮光、防紫外线;内层是棉质的,配以图案款式, 用来装饰房间。   事实上,多层门帘虽然美观,但用料一多,其携带的甲醛含量自然也会多。更重要的是,多层门帘很容易积存螨虫、灰尘颗粒等,而这些物质又是引起哮喘、咳 嗽等呼吸道疾病的罪魁祸首。   保定透明门帘提醒大家,我们在选购门帘的时候最好选择门帘宜选轻薄、简单的。
Beautiful sunshade curtain is an indispensable part of home decoration. It can not only shade the sun, but also plum blossom environment. But do you know their shortcomings? Most of the new curtains contain formaldehyde, which is a major source of pollution harmful to human health, and may cause asthma, leukemia and so on. Processing technology led to the new curtain mostly containing formaldehyde citizen Ms. Yang moved into the new home, the 7-month-old son coughed. After testing, the culprit was the newly purchased curtain at home, whose formaldehyde content exceeded the standard seriously. How can the curtain contain formaldehyde? Mr. Zhao, who has been engaged in the wholesale of door curtain for a long time, told reporters that formaldehyde will be contained in door curtain cloth made of cotton, silk or fibre as long as it is dyed and printed. Because doors curtain products, manufacturers in addition to adding various dyes, artificial resins and other commonly used additives, but also add formaldehyde, to strengthen its softness or stiffness, improve and improve its wrinkle, shrink, flame retardant, waterproof and other properties. These formaldehyde residues on the door curtain cloth will be released under suitable temperature and humidity conditions, floating indoors, quietly harming people's health. Multilayer curtains are polluted and light, simple curtains are more environmentally friendly. Last week, when reporters visited some curtain shops on the textile world and the Yellow River Road, they found that people pay more attention to the color and style of the curtain when choosing the curtain, but they do not care much about the composition of the curtain. In this regard, experts from the China Association of Interior Decoration Indoor Environment Monitoring Center warned that the purchase of curtains should pay attention to the following three points: 1. smell. If the door curtain emits a stimulating odor, it may indicate that formaldehyde residues are more, it is better not to buy. 2. Choosing colors. When choosing door curtain, light color should be chosen, so that the risk of formaldehyde exceeding the standard will be less. 3. Look at the variety. When choosing curtains with shrink-proof and wrinkle-resistant properties, care should be taken to see whether the fabric label indicates the formaldehyde content. If there is no standard or the content exceeds the standard, it should not be purchased. Nowadays, household door curtains usually have three layers, the outer layer is made of yarn, which is used to shield sight and protect privacy; the middle layer is made of dark, chemical fibre material, which is used to shield light and prevent ultraviolet rays; the inner layer is made of cotton, which is matched with pattern style to decorate the room. In fact, although the multi-layer curtain is beautiful, it will naturally carry more formaldehyde with more materials. More importantly, multi-layer curtains are easy to accumulate mites, dust particles and other substances, which are the main causes of respiratory diseases such as asthma, cough and so on. Baoding transparent door curtain reminds you that when we choose to buy the door curtain, we had better choose the light curtain, simple.


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